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The second edition of the Vibes Day Party series was a huge success, even with what seemed to be the biggest constraint of any event; the weather. Yes! it almost rained all day but then, the truth is, “If its a Vibes Party, there is No Limitation!” and that was exactly the mantra of the event.

Nothing stopped the fun-loving people of Lagos from having a great time and also celebrating Nigeria’s independence in a Vibe style!.

the event had the presence of the top elites in Nigeria and of course, the Best DJs in the land. this is a party every other party looks up to.

check out pictures and videos of how things went down!.806_3602 806_3603 806_3608 806_3612 806_3623 806_3625 806_3627 806_3636 806_3639 806_3643 806_3646 806_3647 806_3649 806_3650 806_3655 806_3658 806_3662 806_3663 806_3665 806_3666 806_3668 806_3671 806_3673 806_3679 806_3681

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